Apple’s claims that the standard AirPods are the most popular headphones in the world may well be true. But, the AirPods have their flaws.

The second generation model brought with it a boost in sound quality, which the third generation then took further once again, but they’re still a fair way from delivering the sonic satisfaction of the very best wireless earbuds at their price point.

The fit is a bigger issue: one-size-fits-all might be the approach, but for some people the AirPods simply don’t fit at all. And while some appreciate the non-invasive fit, the complete lack of noise isolation makes them ill-suited to certain scenarios.


While there certainly is the familiar similiarities between the AirPods and the AirPods Pro there are clear differences too. The visual difference is the silicone tip of the Pro Model which is also shorter in length than many in-ear headphones and elliptical rather than round.


The Active Noise Cancellation is a big win for the AirPods Pro. Each bud has two microphones – one on the exterior to detect incoming noise which gets cancelled out by the ANC and then one on the interior that detects any noise that can get through the seal and will also analyse how the stuff you listen to is responding to the individual gemetry of your ear.


Apple has taken the same approach across its lineup. Favouring the clarity and a neutral tone balance rather than lots of heavy bass. However, we have noticed that when the ANC is off – the tone sounds richer and rhythmically crisper. There are others out there that sound better.


The AirPods Pro are okay for everyday usage but if you’re in the music industry – it’s probably better to find an alternative as these just won’t cut it.