The SwishTab Pro launched a few days ago to much fanfare from a startup in the tech world. We can not figure out why!


The SwishTab Pro was released on 20 February 2021 by UK startup – SwishTech (Swish Technologies Ltd not SwishTech Limited). The company must have spent a lot of money on advertising the new tablet. However, with it’s poor processor, Android 6.0 (with no chance of updating) and 1GB of RAM it makes us question why!


The design is the only thing we can praise about the SwishTab Pro. The slick lines make a nice design on the black model we tested. The sim card (dual) at the top is a little faffy to open but overall its’ a respectable first attempt at designing a tablet PC.


2.4Ghz WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and 3G network connecitivity… Whatever the developers were thinking – they must have been smoking some funny cigarettes. With  most mobile networks in the UK planning on shutting down the 3G network to make more space for the 5G network – SwishTech feels like they’re stamping their feet to say no we want to stay in the 20th century.


“The Latest Quad Core Processor”… Indeed, it is quad core but it is only 1.3Ghz and based on a chip that came out in 2011. Need we say more…


A totally useless tablet pc that this startup is pushing hard. They have confirmed that they will be launching more products later this year. Let us pray that they come up with something a million miles better than this.