The iPhone 13 could possibly be the best iPhone for most people. There are a substantial amount of upgrades that have come from the iPhone 12 to today’s model. A new clearer display, larger battery and better camera facilities – the iPhone 13 sets a pretty high benchmark.


The A15 Bionic Chip smashes Android competition with better raw performance, Photographic Style filters and the new Cinematic mode with focus-racking abilities. There isn’t anything quite like the new iPhone 13.


The bog standard iPhone 13 still has some flaws. It appears that the fast charging capabilities aren’t really that fast compared to some Android phones. Only the iPhone 13 Pro models get the 120Hz display and telephoto zoom which in our opinion should come standard.


The iPhone 13 price range is a little expensive with the basic 128GB starting at £779 with the 512GB model hitting £1,079. For the upgrades you get – we wouldn’t recommend rushing out and purchasing one just yet. The iPhone 13 Mini starts at £679 which is still pricey.


However, with the trade-in offers from Apple as well as other mobile networks there are discounts to be found if you take the time to hunt.


The iPhone 13’s chief competitor – the Samsung Galaxy S22 is £10 cheaper at £769.


The first major design change for the iPhone 13 is that the rear cameras are now arranged diagnolly instead of vertically. Not that it makes much difference to your photographs themselves.

The second change which is a little more noticeable is that the notch is now 20% smaller. It still packs the same TrueDepth camera system and Face ID that the iPhone X welcomes nearly four years ago. The resized notch does make it feel a little more immserive compared to others out there.

Other changes include the Power/Lock button is lower on the right hand side and the same goes with the volume buttons and the ringer switch.

Other than that the iPhone 13 is very similar as prior models with the CeramicShield display, durable glass back and flat edges.

The iPhone 13 comes in six colours including: Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight and (PRODUCT) Red. We tested the Midnight model which is subtle and stylish.


There are a number of pros for the iPhone 13 including the brighter display, great cameras, raw perfomance and overall good battery life. However, the fact it lacks 120Hz display, charges slower than its rivals and that the Cinematic mode is capped at 1080p is the reasons we won’t be rushing out to buy a new iPhone 13.