Coming from a company that launched the SwishTab Pro and the aged SwishPhone Gen1 – we were pleasantly surprised with the SwishPhone Gen2. Launched on 5 March 2022 the improvements over past experiences are genuinely surprising.


Going for a total overhaul of a phones’ design is always risky. However, here is a company who knew they had started wrong and brought the big guns out. The new three colour lineup is exactly how they look on the photos. The colours are vibrant and in a way obnoxious but a stylish obnoxious. SwishTechs’ name for this colour line up is Magical Twilight.


The 6.3 inch drop screen (we’re still not sure what the drop part is) is surprisingly bright with a edge to edge screen with a small bezel. The fingerprint scanner is found on the left hand side of the device which is better in our opinion than some of its competitors.


First off – the SwishTech website lies – it says 256GB storage – it’s not – you get 512GB off the bat. The octa core processor works as well as Samsungs’ Galaxy S22 and the iPhone 13. However, it is lacking the 5G connectivity. A welcomed introduction is 5Ghz WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0.


The front camera is surprisingly clear for a 8MP camera. We used it to video call our friends in Canada and even they were surprised. The 21MP rear camera has some clever trickery that SwishTech wont let up on as the camera gives a much better view than what we were expecting.


SwishTech has always had the price edge compared to their competitors with the Gen2 starting at £179.99. However, if they can improve on this model – we would expect the price to raise on the Gen3!