We will try and keep this one short. The Doro 6880 was released in April 2022 and we’re struggling to call it a smartphone. However, we are the wrong age gap for this phone, so all 8 of us gave it to our grandparents to see how they’d handle it.

Six of the grandparents said they found it much easier than “those stupid iPhones” and two of them threw it in the rubbish bin.

Overall, it is a good phone for those of us who are eligible to collect our pensions. The 4G feature is nice and as 3G becomes more and more outdated it’s needed. However, 4G is a bit of a stretch for its needs. The 2.8 inch colour display is simple and effective when you couple it in with the large keypad at the bottom of the fold. The High Definition voice technology delivers clear and extra loud sound. It apparently has compatability with hearing aids but we’ve yet been unable to test this feature.

However, the one main feature we all agree makes this phone for older people and is cruical for that market is the Assistance button. Located on the back of the device, easily accessible should anyone have any issues. It is worth the money for that.