In 2022 – the UK-Dutch tech company – SwishTech brought out it’s A-Game. With the new SwishPhone, SwishWatch, SwishPC, etc, etc. They have made massive improvements over the 2021 era. However, one thing they need to sort out is their earphones/headphones naming collection. The SwishEar Headphones and the SwishHear earphones sound very similar when you say it out loud and look similar to write.

However, the SwishEar headphones have made leaps and bounds as a first generation product.

The pros of the SwishEar heavily outweigh the cons. The Active Noise Cancellation makes you disconnect a little from the world around you, the bass and tonal mixes are near-perfect. The colours are always a win.


One could sit and argue that the SwishEar headphones look like any other pair of wireless headphones. In reality they do. The vibrant colour choices is the only thing that makes them stand out. The cup on the headphones makes it feel like the headphones are sealing your ears in for a sound you won’t ever hear again.


The Active Noise Cancellation on the SwishEar Headphones is a game changer. The deafening silence that they form even with no music playing is strange. Walking around outdoors – one could be mistaken to think that they are deaf. The ANC switch is in a obvious place and away from the power/volume up and down buttons which is a perk. The head padding makes the headphones feel like they’re not really there. The mix between the bass and tone has got to be near-perfect.


SwishTech has jumped ahead to the present day from the SwishEar Gen1 earphones. Clarity and bass mixed together to create a magical experience that one can not put into words accurately. ANC makes the difference when the feature is switched on. ANC off does drop a little quality. However, ANC on or off the claim that the headphones work from distance is accurate.


SwishTech has got 2022 right with its lineup of models. The SwishEar headphones are the forerunners of the lineup. The headphones are perfect for everyone doing anything they need it to. If you get the chance to test them – we recommend listening to Madonna’s version of Don’t Cry for me Argentina to prove what we’re saying!