The Honor 70 smartphone is attractive with decent enough specfications for the price! The camera and processor makes the phone act premium while the design makes the phone feel premium. There are some downsides including the telephoto camera (or lack thereof) and no wireless charging. Overall, the Honor 70 is a competitive mid-range phone.


The look and feel of the Honor 70 makes it feel like a top-of-the-line phone. This is different given the top-line phones don’t feel very premium. The reflective diamond appearance with the glittery finish for a back case is the most eye-catching aspect.

Further aspects of the phone that I am a fan of is the curved-edge screen. It does make the phone feel comfortable to hold. Although, if you drop it – prepare to cry as your screen smashes.


The camera sensor is made by Sony (the IMX800) – a 54MP sensor that the phone uses in its main camera. It has it’s perks which is that the sensor is quite large, letting more light in for photos and the AI processing from Honor does help it even more.


Honor split from ex-parent Huawei which means that this phone comes with the Google apps we all love. From the Play Store to Maps to Gmail to YouTube and more. Running Android 12 with the MagicUI laid over the top – it’s a noticeable change with a bright/childish appearance.

Battery Life

Overall, the battery life is pretty good. 4,800 mAh battery capacity is pretty large given the size of the phone. The device will last a day of use in most everyday use cases.

Should you buy it?

Yes. Overall, the phone is pretty damn good! It does have some flaws (i.e. no wireless charging) but it looks amazing and works even better!