TheĀ SwishPC Gen3 is really revolutionary. We’re not sure whether to call it a desktop pc or a server but either way it’s balling! Asthetically, they’ve not moved away from the second generation which looked really cool! However, they’ve made significant changes under the hood.

This Anglo-Dutch tech company are becoming a force to beat! Especially, given the fact they first made the SwishTab Pro


So the Gen2 ran on Windows 10 Pro. It came with everything you’d need. However, the Gen3 has changed things. Think Chromebook but Windows. To accomplish this, they’ve switched to Windows Server 2022 and put everything into the cloud. This means that your new PC won’t use as much power as before.

However, the most interesting thing is – if you want to use “premium” software (by that they mean software you pay for) they can offer it much cheaper. How? Well most software is per device not per user. So all they have to do is install everything on a big application server and share the link to you whenever you buy it.


So by utilising the cloud to act as a PC they can offer a lot more hardware for a small enclosure.

Let’s start with the PC itself. To ensure a stable and smooth connection, they’ve removed WiFi (annoying yes) but it does work as a good idea. However, if your PC isn’t next to your router, you’ll need to either buy a damn long cable or buy some reliable powerline adaptors.

On the “Virtual PC”, they’re offering 500GB starting storage space per user, 256GB RAM (we don’t know if it’s DDR3/DDR4), a 128 core processor (we can’t see which processor) and a Nvidia RTX 3060 TI graphics card. We tried a little intensive gaming and wow! It blew our minds.


If you want to, you can upgrade the storage space for a fee on their own platform. They say it can take anywhere between 2 hours and 24 hours for the process to complete. But you can take your and any other user storage for 500GB to 1TB or 2TB per user.

Should you buy one?

Definitely! Other than the lack of WiFi this monster of a machine is packed with everything you could ever need! Also, we spoke with SwishTech who confirmed that they will continuously upgrade the backend servers to provide more and more for their customers!


Buy yours by clicking here.