Welcome to the 5G Party Pal

Well the SwishPhone Gen 3 has now been with us for a few months and we’ve been testing it so you don’t have to worry with your money!


SwishTech has come out in front again this year. Showcasing the new Gen3 smartphone with more processor cores, ram, storage and better graphics and finally 5G. So do we recommend it? Read more to find out!


If you’re not aware of the SwishPhone, it’s a smartphone manufactured (or¬†designed as they call it) by SwishTech. SwishTech (or Swish Technologies¬†insert suffix here) is a UK, Netherlands and now American company (worldwide or what?). It started in 2020 and is owned by the Swish A group. SwishTech has made some really good stuff such as the SwishPC and the SwishEar headphones. However, they’ve also made some rookie errors with the SwishTab Pro. So how did the Gen3 SwishPhone fare?


There is a lot to love about the latest upgrade in the SwishPhone. Slightly bigger screen size with better graphics (liquid drop is still a thing), redesigned chassis so it’s now lighter and thinner with new colours. There’s also now 5G which its’ predecessor the Gen2 failed to get. Plus there is now more cores to the processor meaning things run faster and smoother. They also moved the fingerprint sensor from the side of the phone to the back meaning you can buy cases much more easily. So what gives?


Well, there is one major flaw – the speaker. Sound quality is like listening through a really crappy laptop speaker. However, SwishTech acknowledged this early on and sent everyone a pair of Gen2 SwishHear earphones to all the customers that previously bought a SwishPhone and are continuing to sell the earphones with all new orders. They have also promised that the Gen4 and Gen4J (we’ve been told it’s the Generation 4 James; a reference to the recently deceased Group CEO who died in December 2022 and 23) will have more upgrades and customers who purchased a Gen3 will receive a ¬£175 discount when they trade in the Gen3 for a Gen4 or Gen4J. Which is pretty neat!


Our veredict is that this phone is no Galaxy S22 or iPhone 14 but it is a strong contender in the reasonably priced market. It does have a lot of features and some better features than both the Samsung Galaxy range and the iPhone range with a comparable price difference between a like for like model. So, for the price – yes we would recommend you purchase the Gen3 as you can use it for a whole handful of use cases whether it just be for making calls and texts to more intensive mobile gaming and the likes.