About Tech Review Radar

Hey there!


So you’ve found our website! Great! Now who are we? Well we’re eight friends who work in retail sales in the UK. Specifically we work in tech retail. We’ve all seen so many people walk into the shop and buy things they don’t really know what they’re buying.


From smartphones to tablets, headphones to televisions. We hope that our little website on the corner of the internet can help you make a informed decision about what to buy and what not to buy.


Started in 2021, we had our web hosting removed due to some legal issues (a company didn’t like our review). However, we didn’t back down – we restarted with a new website on a new more reliable web host (we hope!) and carried right on. Reviewers aren’t here to be kind towards companies – our jobs is to ensure that people get a honest story about what’s on the market today.


Since, we all still work – we don’t put up a paywall nor do we apply adverts to our website. We’re here free for you.